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The Vata Shopping Style!

We have already told you a lot about the Vata body type person –A person who has a dominant Vata Dosha out of the three. They have a certain personality, issues of their own and are suggested to follow a particular diet that suits them.

The Vata Shopper!

The Vata personality craves a lot of variety, so these are people who love shopping! Well, Vatas are also very impulsive! Most of the ads are aimed at the Vata types! They might not be the most organised people out there, so they might have a bit of a trouble actually getting shopping into their routine, but they're totally different once they hit the market or the mall. They are the ones who can really pick things they like out of a pile with just a glance. They can really figure out the sights and sounds apart and unclutter while shopping.

The Vata Spender!

Well, Vatas have this ability to spend money as fast as they make it! If they want something, they will get it without caring about saving or waiting for a discount. As we mentioned, Vata type of people are very impulsive, so money takes a backseat when they want to shop. That is the reason why these people might shop a lot at the mall and then come back home only to regret it. They also very easily change their minds about what they like and what they don’t. So they can totally like something and pick it up only to never ever wear it or promptly exchange it a little later.

The Vata Choice!

They like to make a statement and can get very creative with their clothes! They are the ones who might be in vogue and know and want all the latest styles, and might mix and match them to create their own style, which might be rocket science to some other people!

Vata men like baggy clothes which might make them look bigger, as they usually have a small build. Men and women like wearing layers of clothes as they can afford to not look fat in it and they're also pretty cold most of the time. They also like warming colours that absorb heat such as black, brown, maroon, red and pink!

Vata people want to look different.They want to stand out in the crowd! That is the reason why a Vata closet has too many clothes and accessories, even more than what they need! Vata people like having options. Vata people have a tough time deciding what to wear out of the variety they have, and they might change a lot of times before actually stepping out of the house… bothmen and women!

While this might not apply to everyone who has a dominant Vata, it does apply to an extent to a majority of them. Now let's move on to the next Dosha type –the Pitta Dosha!

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