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The Pitta Shopping Style!

We have already told you a lot about the Pitta body type person- basically a person who has a dominant Pitta Dosha out of the three. They have a certain personality, issues of their own and are suggested to follow a particular diet that suits them.

The Pitta Shopper!

Pitta people are not that fond of shopping, but they do love luxurious things. They are the type of people who only shop when necessary. They know what they need and are usually the ones who stock up on something just to avoid making another trip to buy the same thing again next month. They don't like experimenting much, and mostly stick to what they like, no matter how expensive it is.

The Pitta Spender!

Pitta people are not window-shoppers. They know what they like and they will buy it. For example, if there is a particular brand of perfume a Pitta person likes, he or she will remain loyal to that and keep buying the same perfume when it runs out, without even trying out other brands. They like things that are regal and wouldn't mind spending on things that they are loyal to or what they like. They enter the shop or the mall, get what they want, and leave- they don't lurk around. That is the reason why they aren't into impulsive purchases- it's more or less pretty basic.

The Pitta Choice!

Pitta people have a muscular build, so they like clothes that accentuate that. They like clothes that fit well and are of good value. They like flowing fabrics, but do not like clothes that are too loose, which might make them look untidy. They do not like wearing clothes that are too tight as they might feel hot. They usually get attracted to cool colours such as white and blue.

A Pitta person's wardrobe isn't too creative, but is timeless and classic. They might just end up repeating clothes very often as they don't like clutter. But don't get mistaken with that. They might have few clothes, but they'll all be luxurious. They like keeping their closet and their wardrobe limited as it makes it easier for them to pick out what they want quickly- they don't really have to fuss over it a lot. So some of the people who dress up all 'fancy and classic' like a guy in a tailored suit or a woman in a black evening gown is probably a Pitta person!

While this might not apply to everyone who has a dominant Pitta, it does apply to an extent to a majority of them. Now, let's move on to the next Dosha type –The Kapha Dosha!

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