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Ayurveda Explains the Connection between the Five Elements and the Three Energies!

In our previous posts, we spoke about the Five Elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space, and the three Energies – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda says that the Five Elements and the three Energies together constitute life.

Vata is the combination of Air and Space, Pitta is Fire, while Kapha is Earth and Water. It is because of these three Energies that the outside material is absorbed and converted into the inside material and becomes a part of our body.

The food that we eat moves into our digestive tract because of Vata or the energy of movement. Digestion process that takes place inside our body is nothing but transformational energy that converts our food into nutrients for our tissues and also helps create new tissues. Kapha or the binding energy keeps our body organs, cells and tissues together and gives us the structure and shape that we have.

So, all the Five Elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space and the three Energies – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, or the three Doshas, are paramount for any living being. The concentration of these Five Elements and the three Energies or Doshas determines the physical and mental traits, habits and characteristics of a person.

For example:

1. Vata individuals are generally agile and creative. They can absorb things easily and are bubbly and happy-go-lucky when in a state of balance. But their mind is constantly busy as their thoughts travel from one direction to another. The Air and Space Elements give them a thin and light frame and these individuals are generally mobile and active.

2. Pitta individuals are fiery in nature. They can grasp things easily, are extremely intelligent, driven and focused and are generally in control of things. They tend to have a medium frame and are considered to be go-getters. But when out of balance, they could turn into control-freaks, are angered very easily and could become extremely aggressive.

3. Earth and Water qualities make Kapha individuals calm, contained and grounded. They are very easy going and possibly the easiest people to hang out with. They generally have a heavy frame and can tend to be lazy and procrastinating. The toughest thing to do would be to move them from their comfort zone. When out of balance, Kaphas could get extremely possessive, painfully lethargic and lazy.

So, the Five Elements and the three Energies can help determine the physical and mental qualities and personality traits of an individual. But when these Energies go out of balance… that is when the individual becomes prone to diseases or ailments.

We will elaborate the three Doshas in the near future, but before that, we would like to talk about why Ayurveda stresses on balance for a healthy life. Stay tuned for that.

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