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Ayurveda Explains More about the Vata Body Type!

In our previous post, we spoke about the different body constitutions or body types or Prakritis as per Ayurveda. By now we clearly know that there are seven different types of body constitutions as per the Ayurvedic science.

It is also amply clear that Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three Doshas that govern the entire universe and also our physical, mental and emotional attributes and characteristics. But how can you identify them? What are their distinctive features?

Let’s start with the Vata body type:

Individuals with a Vata body type reflect the qualities of the Elements Air and Space. Quick and swift, a Vata type is known for the pace with which they think and act. When in balance, they are fun, lively, excitable and highly creative - they could be the life of the party. But beware, as they are said to be unpredictable and irregular in their ways, often backing out from what they promise.

The Vatas are known for their lean and athletic frame, and are blessed with a high metabolism rate, which is the reason for their agility and enthusiasm. They display high energy, albeit in short bursts. They also have a tendency to overexert and hence can get tired pretty easily. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of the Vata body type:

Physical Characteristics of the Vata body type:

· As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to identify a Vata is by looking at their thin and petite frame.

· The Vata types are often prone to rough and dry skin & hair, and are uncomfortable in cold weather.

· They also have unusually cold feet and hands due to their cold body temperature.

· Light sleepers, most of the Vata types tend to suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders, which often leave them cranky and agitated.

· The Vata types also suffer from a poor digestive system which does not allow them to indulge in food, leading to poor appetite.

Personality traits of the Vata body type:

· Effervescent and active, the Vata body types are often charged with energy, and are on a constant lookout for activities that are adventurous and edgy.

· Erratic in nature, they are often considered moody and unpredictable. At the same time they are also known to be “people’s person”, as they are extremely flexible and easy to work with.

· The Vata types are said to be the “right brain thinkers” as they are known for their imagination and creativity, making them ideal for jobs which don’t require logical reasoning and numbers.

· The Vata body types have a tendency to act on impulse and may respond with fear, anxiety and restlessness in testing situations.

This was a gist about the Vata body type. Keep following us for insights on the other body types – Pitta and Kapha.

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