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Ayurveda Explains More about the Pitta Body Type!

Previously, we spoke about individuals with the Vata body type and their physical, mental and emotional uniqueness. Now let’s try and understand the next type which is the Pitta body type.

The Pitta Dosha reflects the characteristics of the Fire Element, and hence Pitta individuals are known for their unique ability to transform in no time. Dynamic in their ways, the Pitta types are known for their go-getter attitude. Pittas are known to be extremely ambitious, focused and determined. They can grasp things easily and are usually pretty good with numbers and logic. But when out of balance, they could get angered and agitated very easily.

Their intimidating personality can often confuse you at first, but beware as they are known to be keen observers and are very sharp and cut-throat with their words.

Physical Characteristics of the Pitta body type:

Flawless and radiant, the Pitta types are definitely the attractive lot!

· When it comes to height and weight, they are considered to be of medium built. But thinning of hair and baldness are some of the problems that most of them tend to face.

· Unlike the Vatas, the Pitta types generally have a warm body temperature and have an excellent digestive system, which often leads to them believing that they could eat anything.

· Pitta types are sound sleepers and have a strong sex drive.

· The Pitta types are assertive and self-confident and it shows in their body language.

· Pittas get very uncomfortable in hot weather and tend to sweat profusely.

Personality traits of the Pitta body type:

· Pittas are known for their sharp memory and are considered to be extremely intelligent. They have the ability to concentrate and channel their energy towards a particular task; hence sometimes they are known to be perfectionists.

· Pitta types are blessed with the gift of gab, and can excel in the field of communication and teaching.

· They are also known to be great decision makers, and are often the ones giving life advices to people.

· Known for their leadership qualities, Pittas find it very comfortable to lead a team and get the job done.

· Passionate and romantic, Pittas have a special interest in sex and that shows in both their physical and mental inclination towards it.

· Normally they are competitive and enjoy challenges, but when out of balance, they tend to get very aggressive, arrogant and pushy – qualities that their peers or subordinates may detest.

· Under stressful conditions Pittas may become irritated and angry.

Well, now that you know the characteristics of the Pitta body type, you can surely differentiate them from the Vatas. Next up, we will talk about the Kapha body type. Stay tuned.

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very good article


very good article.

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