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Ayurveda Explains More about the Kapha Body Type!

In our previous posts, we talked about the Vata and the Pitta body types. But to complete our understanding of the three Energies that control our body, mind, and soul, and in fact, the entire universe… we need to understand yet another body type – the Kapha body type.

The Kapha body types are known for their calm and composed demeanor with bouts of earthly characteristics, which make them attractive and approachable. They are considered to be the friendliest of all and are very easy going. Blessed with the characteristics of Earth and Water, they are loving, caring, protective and nurturing. Kaphas are extremely stable, reliable, supportive and non-judgmental. They have the most energy and stamina as compared to all other body types. But when out of balance, Kaphas could get extremely attached, obsessive and over-protective. They also tend to get lethargic and lazy when they lose their balance.

Physical Characteristics of the Kapha body type:

· The Kapha types are known for their strength, stamina and astounding personality that demands and commands attention.

· They are sound sleepers, and have a good digestive system, until they over-indulge in food, which often results in weight-gain and skin allergies.

· Kaphas are blessed with big eyes, soft and supple skin, lustrous hair and radiant facial features.

· They have reasonably good health and generally a strong immune system.

· The Kapha body types are uncomfortable in cold and damp conditions, and are prone to bouts of cold and infections, especially in cold climate.

· Respiratory ailments like congestion, blocked sinuses, asthma and allergies and even migraines and headaches are quite common to the Kapha body types.

Personality traits of the Kapha body type:

· Kaphas are the perfect companions as they are extremely calm, thoughtful and loving. They have the unique ability to accept life as it comes and despise anything that brings in negativity.

· Known to be extremely loyal, strong, patient and supportive, Kaphas are the ideal lovers and believe in treating everybody equally with love and affection.

· Though they are slow in learning, they have an outstanding long-term memory.

· Forgiving and compassionate, the Kapha body types are known to be very nurturing and protective.

· When out of balance, these people tend to get overly emotional, obsessive and even possessive.

· An imbalance or when faced with a stressful situation, the Kaphas tend to get depressed and may even indulge in overeating.

So that was your understanding of the Kapha body type. The other Ayurvedic body types, i.e. Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha and Pitta-Kapha will display the attributes of their respective predominant Doshas.

One more body type and the final one in the list needs special attention, as it is considered to be the rarest but the healthiest of all body types. Yes, you got it right… the Vata-Pitta-Kapha or Tridoshic body type. We will talk about it in our next post. Stay tuned for that.

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