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When the Kapha Body Type goes Out of Balance!

Previously, we spoke about the qualities that Kaphas sport when in balance; their sturdy and broad structure, and their ability to attract attention and respect. But just like the other body types, even they can become uncontrollable when they go out of balance.

· Their protective nature makes them possessive and doubtful about others, which acts as a major threat to their relations.

· Their positive nature tends to increase their expectation from the people around and makes them dependent on people, which later tends to make them depressed and suicidal.

· Their physical characteristics make them susceptible to weight-gain and obesity as they tend to overeat and lead an inactive life.

· They are often known for procrastinating and being lethargic, and being unstable when out of balance.

Here are some major drawbacks of the Kapha body type when out of balance:

· Tarpaka Kapha: They tend to have excessive mucous in their body which makes them susceptible to colds and sinus infections.

· Bhodaka Kapha: They usually complain of poor taste and smell which often leads to them having a poor taste in food.

· Kledaka Kapha: The lack of metabolism in their body often makes them suffer from diseases related to the digestive system. Constipation, gas, acidity and diarrhea are a few of the diseases that most Kaphas suffer from.

· Avalambaka Kapha: They are known to be lazy, slow and unfit due to their inactive and aimless lifestyle. Their content and satisfied nature tends to make them incompetent and comfortable in the same position for too long.

· Sleshaka Kapha: As they are aimless and do not work towards a healthy lifestyle, they are prone to weight-gain.

Now you know how the Kaphas fare when in balance vis-à-vis when they go out of balance. But as is the case with Vatas and Pittas, even for keeping the Kaphas in balance, one can follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, which we will talk about in our next post. Until then stay active and happy!

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