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What Causes Prameha & Madhumeha?

Like we have already discussed in our previous posts, diabetes has become one of the most common diseases due to the poor lifestyle we follow, where we prioritize work and technology over our own health. This leads to a number of diseases and ailments that can even be fatal.

According to Ayurveda, Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder and if poorly managed, can lead to heart attack, blindness, nervous breakdown, amputation of limbs and also erectile dysfunction or impotency among men.

The two main reasons Ayurveda states as causes for Diabetes are:

  • Stress: In today’s world, we are on a constant rat race. Everybody wants to outgrow the other and there is a constant competition between human beings leading to stress and other related diseases. We often end up stress eating or having too many sweets or food with high sugar and glucose content giving rise to diabetes and other such diseases.
  • Obesity: The couch potatoes that most of us have now become because of constant working on computers and other gadgets minus the indulgence in any physical activities, we have called for the Vata imbalance in our body for ourselves. It is this excessive Vata that makes us gain weight. As mentioned earlier, overweight individuals are the ones who are most prone to diabetes.

According to Ayurveda, aggravation of the Doshas in the body, especially the Kapha Dosha, is one of the main reasons for Diabetes. As we have discussed earlier, “Agni” or digestive fire, when diminished, causes indigestion and other related diseases which also lead to diabetes. This happens because the carbohydrates in our body are not utilized appropriately leading to increased glucose in the blood. We will talk about diabetes in detail in our upcoming posts; till then, keep following us.

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