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Type 1 Diabetes!

In our previous articles, we spoke about diabetes as a disease, the causes, symptoms and the Ayurvedic cure for it. Diabetes, which is considered to be a predominately lifestyle disease, can happen to people of any age group. The reasons for one to become Diabetic can vary from one individual to another. It depends on the type of Diabetes they are suffering from. So let’s first understand the different types of Diabetes, first being the Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes, as already discussed, is an autoimmune disease that is caused when the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed. This destruction leads to lack of insulin in the body which then leads to irregularity in the blood glucose/sugar level. The insulin producing cells are called “islets” and are the ones that regulate glucose in the blood. They produce the necessary amount of insulin to normalize blood sugars.

This type of Diabetes is generally genetic and only 5% of people suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. Sometimes, this type can also be referred as Juvenile Diabetes, as it is commonly diagnosed among children. However, it is to be noted that Type 1 Diabetes can also develop at any age.

Here are some of the symptoms of Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes:

  • Thirst/Dehydration: People suffering from this type of Diabetes often suffer from dehydration and tend to urinate frequently. This makes the patient thirsty as a large amount of water goes out of the body, causing your body to dry out.
  • Weight Loss: Due to frequent urination, one loses glucose and along with it, the calories are also lost. Due to the insufficient amount of glucose, the body starts burning fat and muscle for energy, causing a reduction in overall body weight.
  • Genital Itchiness/Urinary Infections: Genital itching can simply be caused by allergies and skin irritations, or by more serious disorders and diseases such as Diabetes. In Diabetes, blood glucose levels can increase drastically, which leads to yeast growth that diminishes the body’s ability to fight infection.
  • Fatigue: Extreme fatigue or weakness is a major symptom of Type 1 Diabetes. People suffering from this type of Diabetes often complain about weakness and tend to get tired easily making them inefficient. They are also often depressed, which is another symptom that is found in people suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

If not identified and treated at the right time, this type of Diabetes can lead to other chronic disease like heart attack, liver damage or kidney failure which can turn fatal. Hence, a healthy and appropriate diet along with a healthy lifestyle can help these people. For children, insulin therapy can help manage their condition and help them live longer.

Next up, we talk about Type 2 diabetes, its causes and its symptoms. Till then, keep following us.

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