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The Vata Dosha Clock

Ayurveda states that we need to keep the daily rhythms of our body as per the natural clockto live a balanced life and enjoy good health. So now, that we have told you what the Dosha clock actually is, let's focus on the specific Doshas one by one. First up is the Vata Dosha clock!

Vata is synonymous with light and airy- with air being the dominant element of the Dosha. As we know, Vata is the least stable of all the three energieswhich is why it is difficult to establish a routine when it comes to Vata People. These are the ones who are prone to mood swings and impulsiveness which makes it even harder for them to stick to a routine! You can read more about the Vata Dosha here.

Vata time comes twice a day- between 2 AM to 6 AM and between 2 PM to 6 PM. Let's deal with them individually.

2 PM to 6 PM

As per Ayurveda, 2 PM to 6 PM is the Vata time. That is the time when people become their creative best. People with a dominant Vata as well as others who can harness the Vata dosha in them should concentrate on work during this time because the efficiency is at its best. Want to work on a math problem or compose a song? This is the best time to do it. Vata people, in specific,will be most productive at work during this time. Vata promotes creativity and imagination! That is why, for most people, working during Vata time is beneficial in terms of creativity. Most of us can learn and absorb better during the Vata time of the day.

For people who already have an aggravated Vata, this is time when they might make impulsive decisions and feel ungrounded and excited, which might be too much for them to handle. As a coping measure, Vata people might feel the need to sleep to calm their mind at this time of the day, but they might have vivid dreams because of the overactive Vata. Having a warm beverage, listening to some light music and meditating might help them cope with this time better. Vata people should ideally have a light dinner by 6 PM, as their energy levels are at peak during that time and they will be able to harness the energy properly.

2 AM to 6 AM

As per Ayurveda, Vata Dosha time is also between 2 AM to 6 AM. But don't confuse it with the earlier time because this time is not for being active and creative, it's for being receptive. This is the best time of the day for meditation and chanting, which means that people of this Dosha should ideally wake up at or before Sunrise, when Vata is transcendent. Vata is what is responsible for active dreams at night, which is when the brain impulses are very active. That is why people who do not sleep before this time may not get proper sleep till early morning. If they do not fall asleep before 2AM, then deep sleep is something they can attain only post 6 AM, which is the Kapha time. Kapha time begins post Sunrise, so Vata people should ideally wake up before that. But people with an overactive Vata might find it hard to cope during this time because their mind is too active. Vata people should make sure to keep calm and not get worked up if they wake up before Sunrise.

Vata is also responsible for elimination, so for those who have to wake up in the middle of the night to take a dump, you know what's to blame! Yes, it is the Vata Dosha!

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