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The Pitta Dosha Clock

To live a balanced life and enjoy good health, we need to keep the daily rhythms of the body as per the natural clock – this is what Ayurveda believes! So now, that we have told you what the Dosha clock actually is and have also run you through the details of the Vata Dosha clock, let's focus on the next Dosha, which is the Pitta Dosha!

Pitta Dosha is the most volatile of all the three Doshas. It is also what governs a lot of functions in our body such as digestion. You can read all about Pitta Dosha here.

Pitta is dominant during two times of the day- between 10 AM to 2 PM and 10 PM to 2 AM- one in the middle of the day and the other in the middle of the night. Let's deal with both the times individually.

10 AM to 2 PM

Lunch time is Pitta time. Most of us have lunch or brunch between 10 AM to 2 PM. As per Ayurveda, the ideal time to eat lunch is during noon, when the Sun is at its peak and when the Pitta in the body is most efficient. Pitta is the transformative fire which allows us to digest food. This is when the body can easily digest the biggest meal of the day. Eating at this time ensures optimum digestion. Eating after this time will mean that the body might have trouble digesting the meal. People who have an aggravated Pitta may feel extremely irritable and hot during this time, which is why they should avoid stepping out in the Sun at this time because they are prone to losing their cool!

10 PM to 2 AM

Ever feel the urge to have a midnight snack? That's again the Pitta Dosha at play! Yes, just like lunchtime, Pitta Dosha may also make you feel hungry at midnight, as 10 PM to 2 AM is also the Pitta time. At this time, Pitta is not meant to digest the food, but to cleanse our system. It is the stage where the body, especially the digestive system is resetting itself for the night, which means that food should not be consumed at this time.

This Dosha prevalence is the reason why we should sleep by 10 PM, so that we do not disturb the cleansing process within our body. People who have an out of hand Pitta Dosha might find it very hard to go to sleep at this time. While some might just toss and turn on the bed, there are some others who find themselves to be very active at this time. Also, people who do not sleep at this time find it hard to sleep after this because post 2AM starts the Vata time. Here, the mind is in active state. So the whole sleep pattern takes a hit and so does the internal cleansing of the body.

Now that you know all about the Pitta time, let's deal with the third Dosha, the Kapha Dosha.

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