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The Kapha Dosha Clock

As per Ayurveda, to live a balanced life and enjoy good health, we need to keep the daily rhythms of the body as per the natural clock. So now that we have told you all about the Dosha clock and the Vata and Pitta Dosha clock in specific, let's focus on the third and the last Dosha, which is the Kapha Dosha!

Kapha Dosha is the most sluggish, yet relaxed, of all the three Doshas. It is also the most stable- which means that the mind and body are relaxed during Kapha time. Our deepest habits are established during the Kapha times of the day. You can read all about the Kapha Dosha here.

Kapha is dominant during two times of the day- between 6 AM to 10 AM and between 6 PM to 10 PM.

6 AM to 10 AM

If you have trouble waking up early in the morning, then Kapha Dosha is to be blamed. Kapha people should ideally wake up before 6 AM, which is when the Kapha time is yet to begin. Post sunrise, Kapha makes us calm and sluggish, which is why the morning routine should be calm and relaxed, in sync with the natural rhythm. It might be very tempting to sleep during Kapha time, but the key to being healthy lies in waking up during that time and not let fatigue take over.

If someone has excess Kapha in the body, then it is all the more important for them to wake up during this time and get some much-needed exercise, which can be very beneficial during this time as Kapha people generally tend to put on weight very easily.

Sleeping all the way until 10 AM will mean that the entire day might be compromised. You will feel lethargic all day and the internal and external body functions might not be as smooth. The western concept of 'breakfast is the most important and heaviest meal of the day' does not hold true in case of Ayurveda because a large meal during Kapha time is not advised. Eating too much during this time will only make the body feel heavier and sluggish, which may take a toll on the entire day.

6 PM to 10 PM

This is the second phase of the Kapha time. This is when the body gets some time before it prepares for rest. This is a good time to exercise, but not too much, only to calm down the body and mind. So walking or doing Yoga at this time might be a good idea as opposed to hitting the gym. The aim is to cool down the body and not to heat it up.

Also, one should have dinner during this time if not before 6 PM. But dinner should be light- the metabolic fire during this time isn't strong enough. The lighter we eat in the evening, the better we'll feel the next morning. A shower or a bath during this time can help. This is the time when one should indulge in calming activities like spending time with loved ones and reading. Ideally, try to shut down any form of flickering screen before 8 PM as it stimulates the brain and might interfere with sleep. People with an aggravated Kapha might not be able to stay up for too long and might be sleepy by 9 PM!

If one is ideally in sync with the natural rhythms, he or she will automatically fall asleep by 10 PM. If they cannot fall asleep during this time, then there might be trouble sleeping all night long!

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The very good article


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