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Your Stool Depends On Your Dosha: Pitta Type

Did you know that your stool also depends on your body constitution? Like every individual is different, so is their body constitution. That way, even the stool type differs from Dosha to Dosha. First and foremost, find out what your predominant Dosha is by clicking here. If Pitta is your type, then read on!

What is Pitta Elimination Like?

Like we have mentioned in the article here, Pitta dosha is governed by the fire element, which means that they are prone to being agitated, fiery and inflammed. People who have a Pitta constitution generally have a strong digestive system, which can digest more or less any type of food. But when not in balance, it can easily get overwhelmed and inflammed. This can also happen due to too much stress.

What is Pitta Stool Like When Normal?

  • Light-brown to yellow in colour.
  • It is firm to look at, but easily breaks when flushed.
  • There are usually two bowel movements in a day- one after waking up and the other after lunch gets digested.
  • The stool does have an odour, although it is not very strong.

What is Pitta Stool Like When Imbalanced?

  • Pitta people are more prone to diarrhoea than constipation.
  • When not balanced, there might be elimination more than twice a day.
  • Stool may become greenish.
  • he odour might be too strong to handle.
  • The stomach may get bloated.
  • The rectum might burn while passing stool.

Tips to Make Pitta elimination Better:

  • Pitta types have to make sure their food is not making matters worse. To know the proper diet for Pitta types, click here.
  • Avoid spicy food and food that's very hot.
  • Don't rush through your meals, chew the food nicely.
  • Take more soluble fiber in the diet which will help protectthe gut from inflammation.
  • Take some suitable herbs like amla and fennel after meals.It makes digestion and elimination easier.

Now that you know what the Pitta stool is like, you can be more aware if you are a Pitta type. Now, let's deal with the next Dosha type which is the Kapha Dosha.

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